Multi-row coffee bar cartoning machine is an automated packaging equipment for the automatic cartoning and encapsulation of coffee bars and other similar products. It has the following features and functions:

1. High degree of automation: these machines are usually equipped with functions such as automatic counting, material handling, automatic carton opening, product cartoning, and sealing.
2. carton sealing technology: adopting hot melt adhesive machine continuous gluing and sealing technology, replacing the traditional manual gluing and sealing method, and improving the speed and quality of sealing cartons.
3. Wide applicability: It is suitable for cartoning products of various sizes, including different sizes of coffee bars, milk powder, sugar, and other granular items.
4. Flexible adjustment: the cartoning speed can be adjusted according to the actual needs, generally between 20-60 boxes/minute.
Overall, the multi-column coffee bar cartoning machine greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs through efficient automated operation, as well as improves the packaging quality and appearance consistency of the product. This is an important tool for manufacturers of coffee products with large-scale production to enhance their competitiveness.