With the rapid development of modern industry, the role of packaging machine for various industries cannot be underestimated. So, if I want to choose a packaging machine for packaging, how do I choose to find the right one for my business?

Pillow Packing Machine

First of all, if you want to wrap the product in film by rolling it up when packaging, such as gloves, cookies, soaps and other products. Then these products are suitable for pillow wrapping machines. Pillow wrapping machines are suitable for wrapping products in film when they are lying flat, which is aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

Pre-made Bag Packing Machine

Then if you want to pack granules of the product, such as cat litter, rice, nuts, beans, etc., then there are two models to choose from, one is a pre-made bag packing machine and the other is a vertical packing machine. So, what is the difference between these two machines and what products are they suitable for packaging?

Let’s start with the pre-made bag packaging machine, as the name suggests, this packaging machine has to prepare bags in advance, such as zipper bags, stand-up pouches, sidecar bags and so on. Once the bags are prepared you can go through the process of weighing, filling, and sealing and the packaging is complete.

Vertical Packaging Machine

Now for another machine, the vertical packaging machine. Vertical packaging machine. It’s called a vertical packaging machine because it has a mainframe model that stands up. This machine can be paired with a variety of auxiliary packaging machines so as to meet the packaging requirements of different products. The lifting scale is paired with the vertical machine to pack granular objects. Matching with powder metering, it can pack powder. Pair with liquid pumps to fill bags of drinks, detergents, etc. These matches can also be matched with pre-made bag packing machines. So, what is the difference between these two machines? It was mentioned above that the premade bag packaging machine is required to prepare the bag in advance, while the vertical machine is to prepare the film in advance, and through the machine’s program, the automatic bag is formed, and the bag shape is similar to a pillow.

Cartoning Machine

Another machine is also the mainstream machine in our company, that is cartoning machine. Cartoning machines are used in a wide range of fields, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, food, hardware industry and other fields. The operation is stable, the packing effect is good, and the sealing method can be by folding and gluing.

There are other machines, filling machines, glove packing lines, screw counting and packing machines, hanging ear coffee packing machines and so on. Also accept customized type of machine, welcome to leave a message if you are interested!