Full-automatic bag packing machine is a kind of packaging equipment with high efficiency and a high degree of automation, which takes the bag, opens the bag, sets the bag, and seals it automatically by a robot, and completes a series of operations such as filling and marking under the control of the microcomputer.
1. Composition: This kind of packaging machine usually consists of two parts: a bag feeding machine and a weighing machine, in which the weighing machine can be weighing type or screw type, which is suitable for the packaging of many kinds of materials such as granule, powder, and so on.
2. Working Principle: The automatic bag-feeding packaging machine utilizes the manipulator to take, open, sleeve, and seal the prefabricated bags, and at the same time completes the functions of filling and marking, etc. to realize the automatic packaging of prefabricated bags.
3. Application: Automatic bag packing machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries, especially for products that require a large number of small packages, it provides fast, hygienic, and accurate packaging solutions.